How was Environment & Safety Elite Developed?

Research & Analysis

The following elements were evaluated to form the basis of the Environmental & Safety Elite program:

  • 7 years' worth of environmental and safety data collected from more than 4,500 dealerships and auto service facilities nationwide.
  • Regulations from OSHA, the EPA, and the DOT that govern auto service facilities.
  • Official notes about how those regulations are to be interpreted in the auto industry.
  • Citations issued to dealerships and auto service facilities for not complying with regulations.

Based on the comprehensive research and analysis, realistic, repeatable benchmarks were established that indicated best practices and general compliance with the regulations in six key areas. Each was broken into measurable activities to create a comprehensive environmental and safety program. The program is open to any facility that wishes to apply. The Environmental & Safety Elite status is granted for one year to those facilities that meet all the requirements.

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What is Environment & Safety Elite?

The Environmental & Safety Elite program is the standard of excellence for environmental and safety practices in the automotive industry. This program was created and is maintained by the Clean Auto Alliance. The Clean Auto Alliance is a non-profit that brings together automotive-related businesses, manufacturers, government agencies and dealerships to address environmental, safety and transportation best practices through education, research, recognition, and related activities.The Environmental & Safety Elite program was established based on rigorous research and evaluation that spanned the course of many years.It is continually updated by a committee of the Clean Auto Alliance comprised of industry leaders who are interested in advancing environmental awareness and safety in the automotive community. To learn more about the activities of the Clean Auto Alliance visit our News Page.


The E&S Elite program is continually being evaluated. To provide feedback, please contact

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